Peripheral Visions: The Book

Rob's cover sample 5BPeripheral Visions: The Collected Ghost Stories is a lavish volume of 44 stories written by Australian horror/weird tale writer Robert Hood, spanning the years 1986 to 2014. Publishers IFWG Australia intend it to be a reference collection, including all my published ghost (and ghost-related) stories plus three originals written especially for the book – one of them a major novella of approx. 22,000 words, titled “The Whimper”.




Available Formats:

Peripheral Visions comes in three different formats:

  • a single-volume deluxe hardcover edition, signed and numbered. This is limited to 200 copies, though a standard hardcover edition will still be available after the limited edition has sold out;
  • a two-volume trade paperback edition;
  • an e-chapbook version.

All editions have covers designed and executed by Award-winning artist Nick Stathopoulos. As a bonus, the hardcover edition includes six thematic, full-page images by Nick, one for each of the book’s six sections, with a specially-designed signature page/frontispiece included in the limited edition.

Pre-ordering the deluxe edition also gets you, as yet another free bonus, a 30,000 word e-chapbook of zombie stories, Haunted Flesh. All stories are previously published, but several are rather hard to find.

Peripheral Visions is an exciting project, and I am very grateful for having been given the opportunity to put such a wonderful collection together. It truly is a career highlight.

Check out the details and pre-order the special edition here.

Information on the zombie chapbook, Haunted Flesh, is here.

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